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Storchenwiege Half-buckle - InkaStorchenwiege Half-buckle - Turquoise

Storchenwiege Half-buckle - Lilly
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Storchenwiege Half-buckle - Lilly

Price: $229.95 (including 15 % tax)

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The high-comfort baby and child carrier made of Storchenwiege® sling fabric.  The Storchenwiege half-buckle has a buckle waist and mei tai style shoulder straps.

The bar between your child’s legs can be adjusted continuously to any width, adapting it to fit the baby perfectly. This means it is always in the anatomically correct splayed "frog" position. Its back and hips can develop healthily.

From newborns to toddlers

With the Storchenwiege® half-buckle you can comfortably carry your child from birth (roughly 3 kg) to about age 3 (or about 15 kg) tummy to tummy and on your back.

The Storchenwiege® half-buckle is made of 100% cotton using the Storchenwiege® sling fabric, which has a diagonally elastic weave and has stood the test of many years. As there is no padding in the back section that holds baby, it is ideal to bring out the supporting effect of the diagonally elastic woven Storchenwiege® fabric.

The bar in the child's leg area can be widened so that the child, whatever age, always adopts the anatomically correct, splayed "frog" position which is so important for the development of young hips.

Baby im BabyCarrier

The comfort of the Storchenwiege® half-buckle is rounded off by an integrated head support and a hood. The back section can also be lengthened. It is even more comfortable to wear thanks to the padded shoulder straps and a belt which is also padded and adjustable, with a breakaway clasp.

The Storchenwiege® half-buckle perfectly combines the advantages of our slings with those of a high-comfort baby carrier. The Storchenwiege® half-buckle can be slipped on in no time: right from the start, you and your baby will feel closely connected, safe and sound!

The NEW Storchenweige Baby Carrier (2015 model) offers even more comfortable babywearing thanks to the following improvements:

  • The narrower, slightly shortened back section makes carrying small babies even better.
  • A drawstring allows the BabyCarrier to be adjsted at the back of the neck.
  • The head support runs diagonally past baby's head: it does not cover her face and she can have a good look around.
  • At the point where the shoulder strap attaches there is a removable band which is also designed to provide a good view, especially for smaller babies.
  • The head support also holds up even larger children's heads well, for example if they have fallen asleep.
  • The BabyCarrier is padded at the back of the knees to make baby feel even happier
  • The back section is slightly longer below the tummy strap, making it more pleasant for you to carry bigger children on your back.
  • The new Storchenweige BabyCarrier comes with a chest strap, especially for the back carry.


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