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Manduca Fumbee shoulder strap protectors - EcruManduca Fumbee shoulder strap protectors - Grey

Manduca Fumbee shoulder strap protectors - Grey
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Manduca Fumbee shoulder strap protectors - Grey

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Ingenious, reversible and 100% organic strap protectors that can be safely chewed or dribbled on! Simple hook-and-loop fastening, fully machine washable. A cuddly comforter for your child, an eye-catcher for any strap.

fumbee is a versatile strap protector for baby carrying and travel devices such as car seats and pushchairs, made of 100% organic cotton, tested for pollutants - no need to worry if your baby chews on it.

fumbee can go everywhere your baby goes, has a lovely fluffy feel and looks fabulous too - your baby's perfect, snuggly friend for on the move.

Its ingenious design means fumbee can be used with almost any strap / belt / harness system, be it car seat, pushchair or baby carrier.

fumbee is machine washable making your life easier! No more having to wash your whole baby carrier and then waiting for it to dry.  Simply attach the fumbee strap protectors and when they need washing, pop them in the laundry.  Simple.  Grab two pairs and you'll never be without protection - one pair in the wash, one pair on your carrier!

fumbee is reversible - it can be used on both sides thanks to its clever hook and loop fastening system. 

Two pieces per pack - one for each strap.


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